Year 07

Year 7 Notices Nov. 2018

Mr Butler Writes...

I have been impressed with all of the Year 7 students who have been getting involved with challenges and clubs during lunch time and after school. Their enthusiasm is a pleasure to watch — well done. All clubs are advertised on the school’s website or alternatively, you can view supporting information for Year 7 at

Reminder About Uniform

It is very important that our students are following the school policy with regards to their school uniform. The trousers for boys and girls should not be skinny fit or jeans cut. Also if the girls are going to wear the school skirt it must be knee length.

Any shoes must be black and leather (not canvas). If you’re unsure about the uniform please refer to the school website under School Information and Uniform or you are welcome to contact Mrs O’Flynn or alternatively your son / daughter’s form tutor.

Parents Social Evening – ‘E-safety’

Thank you very much for your attendance during the Year 7 Parents Social Evening. We hope that you found the evening informative and useful and a chance to meet other parents.
Following on from our evening, we would like to encourage all parents to be checking your children’s phones and devices as this will help to firstly keep your child safe and secondly, ensure that you are aware of the websites and information that they are viewing. We have posted the resources for both ‘E-safety’ & ‘Wellbeing’ on to the Year 7 blog for you to view at your leisure.


A big well done to the whole of Year 7 for having excellent attendance of 98% so far this term. Excellent attendance is linked to success and we are delighted to see such a strong start and hope this continues. We will be rewarding excellent attendance during our Celebration Assembly in December, so make sure you have excellent attendance to win one of our 100% club awards.

Top Commendations chart

Well done to Year 7 students for collecting a high number of praises (8747 so far): keep up the good work! Well done to 7P for having the most commendations within their year group so far. The year group are very competitive and the numbers are changing every day.

commendations chart