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Solace Women's Aid

Alexandra Park and Solace Women's Aid - Securing young people brighter futures

Alexandra Park School would like to let you know about its new partnership with Solace Women's Aid

Solace is one of London's leading domestic and sexual violence charities which provides a range of support services for women and children to live their lives independently and free from abuse.

At Alexandra Park Solace are starting their in school prevention programme, working with the community to make a future free from abuse.

The project will be lead by Solace staff member Terry, who will be at school every Tuesday for the rest of the school year.

What Solace will be doing at Alexandra Park

Solace will work with every student, from year 7 to 11, engaging with them by doing interactive activities in classrooms, small group work and other drama based activities. Solace will also train the teachers and make sure you, the parent, are informed by sending newsletters.

Why Alexandra Park?

Alexandra Park is leading Haringeytowards a future where every young person is educated about healthy relationships and bringing an end to domestic and sexual violence. 

Solace has chosen to work with our school because we are committed to making a lasting difference to all the children's lives. 

How your Child Benefit from Being Involved

The project will give your child an opportunity to explore what healthy relationships are and to talk about the facts and myths around domestic violence. They will learn to spot the early warning signs of abuse in relationships and know where they could go to get help or support.

What to do if you want more information

You will receive newsletters with updates every 3 months with some key information about what Solace is doing.

If you would like any other informationabout the project then please email Terry, by clicking here, who will be happy to answer any questions.

Help and Support

If anyone needs support or practical advice and information on domestic of sexual violence
Free Phone Advice Line 0808-802-5565
Monday to Friday 10-4pm
Tuesday 6-8pm.