APS Reporting - FAQs

APS Reporting - Frequently Asked Questions

Please let us know if you have a question which is not answered here by emailing office@alexandrapark.school.  We shall update these FAQs to answer questions as they arise.

Please do also read the Parents' Guide to the new reporting system, which may also provide an answer to your question.

1. General

Why has the KS3 reporting system changed?

The Government has removed Key Stage 3 Levels, and changed the way that assessment works at both Key Stages 2 and 4.  As a result the system of tracking that we used up until 2015/16 was no longer fit for purpose, particularly as the ‘old’ levels can no longer be linked to expected GCSE performance.

Will there be further changes?

We will continue to review the system to see how it is working. It is likely to adapt as we become more familiar with the implications of the changes to assessment at Key Stages 2 and 4.

2. Progress Reports

What is a Minimum Target Grade?

Minimum Target Grades (MTGs) are the minimum grade that a student is expected to achieve in a particular subject. For Years 7 to 11 MTGs are in the form of the minimum GCSE grade that student is targeted to achieve at the end of Year 11. (For Years 12 and 13 MTGs relate to the A level grade to be achieved at the end of Year 13.)

How are Minimum Target Grades calculated?

Minimum Target Grades (MTG) are calculated using students’ prior attainment data. For Years 7 to 11, MTGs are derived from Key Stage 2 data. If there is no KS2 data available, other assessment data such as CATs is used to generate a MTG.For Years 12 and 13, MTGs are derived from GCSE attainment.

My child's Minimum Target Grade seems quite low. Should I be concerned?

It is important to emphasise that Minimum Target Grades (MTGs) are not predicted grades.They are the minimum grade that a student should achieve. At APS most students exceed their minimum targets, and some students achieve well above their MTG (i.e. by two or more grades).

My child is consistently 'secure' in a subject - does this mean that s/he is not making progress?

No. Secure means that a student is on target to achieve his/her Minimum Target Grade at the end of Year 11. In order to remain ‘secure’ from one term to the next, a student must be making progress.

3. Values Reports (KS3 only)

What is the purpose of the values report?

Above all, the purpose of the new system is to increase the scope of reports to ensure that they support student development in a variety of ways. The new reporting system has a broader educational focus, with the intention of supporting students’ academic progress, and also developing a range of valuable attributes that will prepare them for life after school.

How did you determine which 'values' to inclue on the report?

The values report was designed following consultation with students, staff and parents. Governors were also consulted, and a working party of staff conducted research before drafting proposals which were considered further before the current design was agreed.

How will the school support students in developing the attributes that are assessed within the values report?

Many of these have long been implicitly supported at APS, and the school curriculum is developing to ensure that students are more explicitly guided to make progress in all of the areas that are covered by the values report. This means that all of the values will be taught across every subject and within the pastoral curriculum too.

Where can I find more information about the benefits of teaching 'values'?