Week in Sport

Outstanding Achievement in Sport

Congratulations to the Haringey District Football Team and the APS girls who make up a large proportion of the squad. After winning the U11 National Schools Championships last season, they became the first Haringey schools side to ever win the National Title.

They were awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Sport award in the Outstanding for All Awards this year. The girls were given the award by Tottenham legend Ledley King, and the Mayor of Haringey. Their achievement comes after much hardwork and dedication, training every week and giving up most Saturdays to play games and tournaments.

Well done to Scarlet, Alena, Sara, Orla and Mia and a special thanks to their Coach Adem Ali.


APS Sports Personality of the Year

Congratulations to the following students on receiving sports personality of the year nominations for consistently showing the following values in PE.

  • Ashani - Resilience
  • Jasper - Drive
  • Caoimhe - Positivity
  • Bertie - Independence
  • Luca - Hard Work
  • Flo - Empathy

Ashani - 'Resilience'

Jasper - 'Drive'

Caoimhe - 'Positivity'

Bertie - 'Independence'

Luca - 'Hard Work'

Flo - 'Empathy'

Week in Sport

Before School activities
 Wednesday  7:45am - Netball Skills
All Welcome
Small Gym


Lunch Time Activities
1:30 - 1:55pm
 Monday Basketball (JBU)
Sports Relief
Obstacle challenge
Sport Hall (RHA/JOF)
 Tuesday Sport Relief
Beat the teacher
Sports Hall (BCO)
 Wednesday Bench Ball (RHA)
Badminton / Table Tennis (PED)
 Thursday Dodgeball (JCD)
Girls Football Yr 8-11 (ECO)
Revision session (BBO)
Detentions (BBO)
 Friday  Dance (ECO)
Yr 7/8 Handball (BCO)
Trampoline club (KPE)



After School Activities 3:15 - 5:00pm

Sports hallSmall GymBall CourtOther
Monday Trampoliningn Club
Girls Volleyball
(External Coach/RHA)
Hockey Club

Detentions EO2
Revision Session AO1/2 
Yr 7/9/10 Football Match
APS v Fortismere

Tuesday   Yr 9/10 Handball
Basketball - All Welcome
Yr 7/8 Girls Rugby Club
Wednesday Badminitona Club
  Tennis (RHA) Wellness Club E02
GCSE Revision EW02
Friday       Drop-in revision KS4/5
101 (KPE/BBO)