Week in Sport

STEAM club 2017

It is full STEAM ahead on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and maths club this year! Our incredibly enthusiastic group of year 7’s have been undertaking some top quality engineering with achievements including the construction of a bridge out of paper that can hold over 10kg of weight and creating a rocket out of matchsticks that has launched the length of a classroom!  We have also undertaken some Christmas engineering, wiring Christmas lights and making a rocket powered Santa sleigh. In the upcoming term, the students will be creating assemblage sculpture in ART, solving logic puzzles in mathematics and building and programming robots.

Steam club is absolutely mind boggling and fun!Ari, 7P
The ultimate ‘how things work’Ollie, 7L
It’s a place where no boys judge you and everyone gets an equal opportunityLily, 7X
STEAM has been a brilliant opportunity for me. I really enjoy it and love to know how the world worksAsh, 7X
A great club with loads of opportunitiesBen, 7S
STEAM club is an inventive, fun and educational club for all year 7’sEuan, 7P
STEAM club is an opportunity to let year 7’s have fun and learn about different subjectsEdan, 7A
STEAM club is really fun and we get to make now friends!Lucila, 8X
STEAM club is an amazing experience for students to have fun and become curious in activities including science, technology, engineering and maths. Every year group would definitely enjoy it since it is interesting. The good thing is that there is no homework to do and it is just experiments, which everyone loves. Finally it will give you a better futureDaniel, 7A

Week in Sport

Before School activities
 Wednesday  7:45am - Netball Skills
All Welcome
Small Gym


Lunch Time Activities
1:30 - 1:55pm
 Monday Basketball (JBU)
Sports Relief
Obstacle challenge
Sport Hall (RHA/JOF)
 Tuesday Sport Relief
Beat the teacher
Sports Hall (BCO)
 Wednesday Bench Ball (RHA)
Badminton / Table Tennis (PED)
 Thursday Dodgeball (JCD)
Girls Football Yr 8-11 (ECO)
Revision session (BBO)
Detentions (BBO)
 Friday  Dance (ECO)
Yr 7/8 Handball (BCO)
Trampoline club (KPE)



After School Activities 3:15 - 5:00pm

Sports hallSmall GymBall CourtOther
Monday Trampoliningn Club
Girls Volleyball
(External Coach/RHA)
Hockey Club

Detentions EO2
Revision Session AO1/2 
Yr 7/9/10 Football Match
APS v Fortismere

Tuesday   Yr 9/10 Handball
Basketball - All Welcome
Yr 7/8 Girls Rugby Club
Wednesday Badminitona Club
  Tennis (RHA) Wellness Club E02
GCSE Revision EW02
Friday       Drop-in revision KS4/5
101 (KPE/BBO)