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Jack Petchey Awards Evening

On Tuesday 21st June, Mr. Allen accompanied six APS pupils, along with their friends and families, to the Jack Petchey Awards Evening for Haringey at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre.

The evening was to celebrate pupils across Haringey schools who have shown particular determination, diligence, selflessness and positivity throughout the academic year.

A massive well done to Juliet Eaglestone-Harman (Year 7), Solomon Bird (Year 9), Seren Chia Jones (Year 10), Anna Zanelli (Year 10), Finn Cunningham-Tickel (Year 11) and Susanna De Sena (Year 12) for representing the school so magnificently.


Beyond the Curriculum Day 2017

Beyond the Curriculum Day 2017 is fast approaching.

Students will be taking part in a number of activities outside of their regular curriculum, ranging from a trip to the Gurdwara outside of India to a fascinating exhibition on blue whales at the Natural History Museum.

Please find below a full list of the activities that will be available on Tuesday 18th July 2017.

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Activity Year Groups Description
Spoken Word Writing Walk 9, 10 From the bustle of Camden Lock to the quiet of the canal, we will explore lesser known patches of North London for inspiration on our Spoken Word walk. Lunch by the fountains in Granary Square and chilling out on bean bags in the Welcome Collection's magical Reading Room, the day will be dotted with short writing exercises, discussion and performances by those who want to share. We will aim to record any performances from the day (with your permission) to upload to the APS Spoken Word YouTube channel.
Mud Larking on the Thames 9, 10 For 2000 years Londoners have lived around this mighty river. We will go down to the shoreline at low tide and conduct a detailed archaeological search. Expect to find pottery, bones, clay tobacco pipes, old coins, oyster shells, and who knows what! We will bring our findings back to APS and create an amazing display.
Bank of England 10 Want to hold a gold bar worth nearly £400,000? Tour the City where billions of pounds are traded every day? Then come with Mr Cummisky and Ms Stone to the Bank of England. We will stroll through some of the most iconic buildings in The City. We'll visit the museum at the Bank of England. Finally, students will have some free time to get lunch at the many food venues in and around Liverpool Street Station. Open to all in year 10, but might particularly interest those currently doing Business.
Gardening 9, 10 Spend a rewarding and life-affirming day pottering around in the sixth form garden. In a year or two you will be relishing its bowery shade. Build paths, plant plants, enjoy the fruits of your labour relaxing on newly laid turf. Celebrate our green and pleasant land at the culmination of a rewarding day's work with strawberries and cream. Our treat.
Wellness Day 9, 10 We will spend the day looking at ways that you can enhance your mental wellbeing. Our day will start at APS where we will have breakfast and explore how our nutrition can help to focus us and move to Holland Park where will try some different ways of taking care of our mental well being through the Japanese gardens and leafy parkland. Expect to come back to school feeling ready for anything!
BP Portrait Awards 9, 10 Come and visit the National Portrait Gallery and view the final portraits selected for the BP Portrait awards 2016; you will be able to see a broad range of painting styles and will also be able to have a look around the gallery. We will have a picnic lunch in trafalgar square, where you will also be able to enjoy the sights of London.
Play-in-a-Day 9, 10 The magic of live performance at it's best - using raw talent and creative genious, the morning will start with a few resurces and by the end of the day, you will create a unique piece of theatre with set/lighting/sound/props. Last year's political farce featured none other than 'Ronald Hump' in the lead role!
TV News Report 9, 10 Learn about the construction of TV News with a morning session in which we will shoot a range of cutaways and interviews. This will be followed by the editing of the material to help tell the story onscreen. Open to all, but particularly those with basic camer and editing skills from their own projects.
Bread Making Masterclass 9, 10 Fancy yourself as a bt of a Paul Holywood/ Nadiya Hussain? In this bread making masterclass will be making a variety of different breads (both sweet and savory) This is a great oppertunity beacuse bread takes time to prove, and this is something that we are unable to do in normal lessons!
Cable Car and the Crystal 9, 10 The Crystal is home to the world's largest exhibition on the future of cities, the world's most sustainable events venue, and office space for global engineering powerhouse Siemens.
Natural History Museum 9, 10 Join us for a day out at one of our favourite museums to attend a brand new exhibition entitled "whales: beneath the surface". Dive through one of the world's most compelling evolutionary journeys. More than 100 specimens from the Museum's collection will be on display together for the first time, from parts of a colossal blue whale to a small harbour porpoise. Explore whales, dolphins and porpoises' extraordinary adaptations to their underwater environments, and learn how they are similar to us.Travel back 50 million years to the beginning of the evolution of the whale. See how whales became sociable, aquatic mammals, some of which can communicate over vast distances.
PE Carousel 9, 10 Throughout the day you will get the oppertunity to take part in four different activity sessions. You will have the chance to choose what activity you want to do in each session and throughout the day will try sports that you don't usually get offered at school, as well as your old favourites.
Museum of London 8E only 8E Form trip. We will tour the Museum and gain a chronological overview of London's History. After lunch in a nearby park we will then go for a walk to see some of the places mentioned in the Museum firsthand.
Forensic Science 9 Ever thought of becoming a forensics scientist? Join us for a forensics and crime-solving workshop! Forensics is used to gather important evidence that can be used by the police to identify criminal and the justice system to present in court to the public with the aim to convict guilt criminals. In this workshop you will learn how to gather evidence from a crime scene, preform some common forensic experiment and then analyse evidence to identify a potential criminal. Take the first step to becoming a forensic scientist.
Southall Gurdwara 9, 10 Southall Gurdwara is the biggest Sikh place of worship outside of India. You will have the oppotunity to take part in a guided tour and have lunch in the famous Langar. We will also walk through Southall Broadway, to sample some of the culture and diversity the Sikh and Indian community have brought to London.
Kenwood House 9, 10 Students get a chance to investige the abolition movement through Kenwood House and run around Hampsted Heath
Science Museum 9, 10 A fantastic opportunity to visit the World Famous Science Museum with 3 of the best science teachers around. Visit the diverse array of exhibits and see for yourself the rockets used to send man into space and push the boundaries of space flight to the fascinating world medical history to the interactive exhibits and deal with the ever increasing global demands for resources and engineer your own future Earth!
Mini Expedition 9, 10 Practice navigating yourself around the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside using a map and a compass. Walking, talking and laughing in the sunshine plus a lovely picnic. This is a great 'taster' day for the Duke of Edinburgh award expeditions or an opportunity to relive your experiences.
Afro-Asian Masterchef 9, 10 We are taking you on a culinary journey around the world, and yes, it is led by some Maths teachers, Come and join us for a tasty cooking experience. We will teach you how to make Sushi, some Mauritian street food, some traditional food from Cameroon and some Bangladeshi delights. We will even go and source our own ingredients!
Coding in Python: 9, 10 Coding in Python: You will make fun and intriguing programs using Python, solving a range of problems (not all maths!). Problems may include: finding the biggest prime number below a million; writing a list of the first hundred thousand primes; solving Sudoku; writing an interactive quiz. This activity will be interesting and enjoyable for any student who likes solving problems, is interested in coding, and who is not already a high-level Python programmer
Belmont Farm Visit 9, 10 Students will be invited on this trip.
Barbican Centre 9, 10 Students will get the chance to visit the Barbican center and the surrounding landmarks of central London. Exploring the main sites by means of a treasure hunt were they must solve problems and clues in order to discover the different sites and sounds.
International cooking and cinema 9, 10 It will be a two part activity. First part: cooking until 11:30am: Learning to cook international dishes from Turkey, Spain, Mexico and possibly China or France. Second part: afternoon watching a film in target language from Spain, France, China or Turkey with activities related to the movie, music andcultural activities related to the countries and languages we study in APS.
Making Robots 9 Robots are integrating into our lives. You might want to know how they become robots and have an understanding of how they work. Robotics will allow you to build on this as well as improve your logic and programming skills. In the first part of the session you will be following instructions to build a Clawbot and have it remotely working using a wireless controller. The second part of the task is to program the robot. You will be given a scenario in order to explore what a robot can do.
Great British Sewing Bee 9, 10 The sewing challenge will be to make a pair of Pyjama trousers and matching draw string bag. Judging will take place at the end of the day. You can get your own fabric, or give a £4 donation, funds or fabric will need to be handed in 2 weeks prior to BCD. Please see Miss McGill for further fabric details.
Robotics Exhibition 9, 10 From the dawn of mechanised human forms to cutting-edge technology fresh from the lab, Robots exhibition reveals the astonishing 500-year quest to make machines human. Focusing on why they exist rather than on how they work, our blockbuster exhibition explores the ways robots mirror humanity and the insights they offer into our ambitions, desires and position in a rapidly changing world. You are welcome on this trip to explore and get a good understanding of robots.
Gamelan Music Workshop 9, 10 Visit City University in London and participate in a 2 hour Gamelan Workshop, playing Gamelan Music on authentic instruments. Gamelan is the traditional music of Indonesia - we study it in Year 7 at a basic level. The instruments are all percussive and similar to western xylophones and gongs but much more beautiful and exciting. Be prepared to take you shoes off and sit on the floor to play!!


APS Alumni

Ms Hutchinson writes...

We are currently establishing our Alumni group. Old A P’s .  Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page to be kept up to date with the latest developments as our alumni group evolves.

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We are extremely proud to celebrate the success of current Alumni who have exceeded the expectations 'Success for All’

naomiCongratulations to Dr Naomi Moris

Naomi attended APS 2000 – 2007. She obtained top grades in her GCSE and A level courses. Securing her place at Imperial College London to study Biology. Her First Class honours degree, combined with 1 year working for Cancer research proved an invaluable start to her Doctorate course at Cambridge University researching Genetics, specifically embryonic stem cells.. She continues to work at Cambridge University on Post Doctorate work. Well done Naomi. 

meganMegan Fellows

Megan Attended APS 2002 – 2009. Her passion was English and Drama, she took lead roles in many school productions.

Megan graduated from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama having completed her Masters course in Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media in 2015. She has had her work produced in numerous new writing nights: from Paperback Theatre at The Arts Theatre, Leicester Square; HERstory the Feminist Theatre Festival at Theatre N16; and The PRT Summer Shorts at The Orlando Shakespeare Center, Florida, to name just a few. Megan was made a finalist in the Theatre Madness Festival 2016 in which she had one month to write and direct a short play to be performed at the Stratford Circus Arts Centre. Her piece ‘Holnap House’ was awarded second place in the competition.

Watch this space for more successful Alumni stories.


APS students triumph in PISA tests

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a worldwide study. It is completed across seventy-five developed countries and measures the performance of 15-year-old school pupils' in mathematics, science, and reading. Every three years the tabloids trumpet how poorly the UK countries do against chart toppers such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Finland. Although there are many grounds on which the tests can be questioned, the results have again been accompanied by a bout of hand-wringing, doubting the effectiveness of the British education system on grounds which do not resonate with the experience of students, parents and staff in the vast majority of our schools. 

Last year students at Alexandra Park School were randomly selected to take this test as part of the English cohort. The students received no additional coaching. Indeed, the school played down the importance of these tests as the last thing a year 11 needs during their mocks is more stress. They sat the 3 hours of tests beginning at 7.00am on a cold December morning in the knowledge they could not even expect to receive results. Or so we thought.

Having encouraged the students involved to recognise the value of participating in such a huge research project, which provides all sorts of valuable information, it was initially concerning to see the negative coverage of the UK results this week.  We hoped that the students wouldn’t connect the test that they had done to the stories in the media, that they wouldn’t feel that they had underachieved, and be deflated by the experience.

pisa graph 02

Last week we received the school’s results. It doesn’t include individual student results but remarkably this cohort of APS students topped the chart. Yes, that’s right they topped the chart. Their results were significantly better than each of the 75 countries that took part.

We have long known the performance of our students is outstanding.  APS has previously been recognised as being world class.  And we still have reservations about the value of PISA tests.  But it is pleasing for the students involved to know that their achievements compare so favourably with students across the globe. And it turns out that our students did exceptionally well.  In fact, their average performance far exceeded that in any of the seventy-five countries.

Interview on BBC Radio

Read the full article on BBC News