Careers Fair 2017

03The annual Spring Careers Fair at Alexandra Park School was another great success.  Over forty universities, employers and apprenticeships attended, including Barclays Bank, the Royal College of GPs and Thomson Reuters.


Exhibitors commented on the conscientiousness of the Year 9 students and were pleased with the throughtful questions from Year 11 students.  Many Year 12 and 13 students also attended to pick up on some important points about next steps and to keep in touch with the ever-changing climate of higher education and advanced apprenticeships.

Students were grateful for the time dedicated to help link their learning to their future options and vicational ideas.

Year 9 students commented:

Until the careers fair, I didn't ralise how many options we have and it really helped me see different choices potentially for the future.Y9 student
I am now looking forward to university and how it could lead me to more options in life.Y9 student
The careers fair was very engaging, and helped me see what I could do for a job in the future.  I have always thought about a job in medicine, and seeing people from the Royal College of General Practitioners immediately caught my eye.  I learnt a lot about what it takes to become a GP; taking a 5-6 year degree, and a 2-year long foundation course in order to take another course to finally become a medicinal doctor. Keshav, 9L
01We were given lots of freedom to search for the universities, forms and colleges that may interest us.  I was really interested in the military as I didn't know that there were many other jobs that can be done in the army.  For example: coding, languages and decoding! Max, 9L
At the Year 9 Careers Fair I was able to talk to a lot of different people in a lot of different jobs, colleges, universities and much more!  I spoke with someone who explained to me how law works and what you need in order to go to law school. This helped me because I want to be a barrister. Chiara, 9L

Future First - Keep in touch with APS!

When you finish your exams this summer, for those Year 11s and 13s who are moving on from Alexandra Park School we don’t want that to be the last time you’re in touch with us.

Here at APS we are working with ‘Future First’ to help us keep in touch with you so they can continue to support you and perhaps even invite you back in to support future students.

Future First is a charity who helps schools like ours to stay in contact with their leavers from day one.

You could be a fantastic role model for future students by sharing your experiences, for example:

    • Talking to year 9s about choosing GCSE options;
    • Talking to year 11s about exams, revision and choosing your post-16 route;
    • Letting students know what the first year out after leaving APS is really like!

The Future First team will only contact you on behalf of APS and it’ll only be a few times a year.

Click submit: apply via the link. All details are kept strictly confidential by Future First:

Many thanks.

Careers department