Personal Development

Personal Development and Progression Pathways Curriculum Aim Our philosophy of inclusivity is based on the belief that education provides the key to social mobility and successful life outcomes. The curriculum at APS has been designed therefore to build a strong foundation in all aspects of the knowledge, understanding and skills that, in combination, optimise the likelihood of academic and personal success. Importantly, we want our students to enjoy the challenges that learning offers whilst encouraging them to remain motivated and engaged. Throughout their time at APS, we help them to recognise and understand British values and how to build and maintain positive and safe relationships and we work towards ensuring every individual student develops a strong belief and level of confidence in their own abilities. As a result, working hard, displaying resilience, showing tolerance and mutual respect for peers and others are perceived as the norm throughout the school.

Effective PHSE provision is an essential part of this process. The Year 12-13 Personal Development and Progression Pathways Curriculum continues and builds on the outstanding programmes delivered in the lower school. The upper school curriculum was reviewed in 2019 and subsequently updated and shaped through consultation with students and by careful reference to all relevant statutory legislation, including the 2020 government guidance on the delivery of RSE in secondary schools. Whilst implementation of aspects of the new programme suffered initially through Covid restrictions it is now well embedded and has been received positively and enthusiastically by students. Building as it does on the sound and solid foundation already established in earlier years, APS aims to consolidate ongoing PHSE learning for its post-16 students via its revised programme. Our key objective is to ensure these students are fully equipped with the necessary skills for life beyond school and enable them to take their place as successful, confident, responsible and respectful citizens. Intent The curriculum includes formal teaching through the Sixth Form courses, assemblies, briefings, tutorials, enrichment and extracurricular activities all of which are reviewed regularly to ensure APS continues to meet its curriculum aims.

The Personal Development and Careers curriculum in particular has been designed and planned to develop the skills, abilities and traits that produce tolerant and rounded individuals and it does this by ensuring access to a wide range of formal and additional learning opportunities delivered primarily through the following:

  • Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE)
  • Living in the Wider World
  • Progression Pathways

Beyond the Curriculum Throughout our programmes of study, every attempt is made to imbue in students the traits and habits that we believe give them the best opportunities for successful progression outside school whether this is to work or future study.

These include:

  • Aiming high, staying positive and resilience
  • Communication skills (listening, speaking, presenting)
  • Teamwork and problem solving,
  • Creativity and thinking skills
  • Self-management and leadership

The British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect of those with different faiths and beliefs are the focus of explicit teaching which is then reinforced in the way in which the Sixth Form operates. Sequence and structure All students attend Tutorials and have one formal Enrichment lesson on their timetable which is led by a team of specialist teachers. In addition, there are a number of extra opportunities to engage in the subject throughout the year, including presentations from external providers.