The class of 2022 (aka 'Generation Covid') have proven just how well they have managed through the past two years of disruption. These students were sent home in March 2020 with less than an hour’s notice, having both their schooling and GCSE exams cancelled.

Since then they have coped with two full lock downs and the ongoing disruption caused through illness and absence.  This summer gave these young people the opportunity to silence any naysayers through the first public examinations held  in schools  for 3 years. These examinations were also the first set of public examinations taken by these students since  their Primary School SATS back in 2015!

Our students have delivered stellar results. It was a joyful time in school as grades were collected.

Well done to all those students that joined our sixth form from the 37 different secondary schools across North London.  We welcomed more than 150 individuals into the APS Sixth Form family back in September 2020. They joined our own APS Year 11 students and both groups have achieved highly, bucking national trends.  

As a comprehensive sixth form that welcomes all students, including 30% who are classed as disadvantaged, we value student achievement at all levels.  After the disruption of the last 2 years it may seem trite to distil all the students’ effort and work in to a few headlines, however it can help demonstrate success.

This success can be shown through the student with 4 A*s reading Maths at Edinburgh or the student gaining 2Cs and a D hugging staff on hearing they had got into Nursing. This success is mirrored in the myriad of combinations other students achieved.  Each of our students and their individual journey is important to us.  This year saw our students awarded :

  • 18% of the top grades, with more than a third achieving a majority of A*s,
  • 43% of grades were A*-A or equivalent
  • 71% of grades awarded were A* - C
  • 80% of our Vocational grades were a Distinction or Distinction*.

With such brilliant results, and despite the national situation, we have more students accepting university places in 2022 than ever before.  

We wish them well in their future work and studies. They are true ambassadors for the APS values of hardwork and resilience.