Year twelve Product Design entered the RSA Pupil Design Awards this year, a nationwide competition where students respond to briefs on societal issues set by the Royal Society of Art, Manufacture and Commerce.

This week APS celebrated Sports Week. Students had the opportunity to participate in unconventional sports in their PE lessons ranging from ultimate frisbee to Dodgeball.
Staff had the opportunity to show off their sporting skills in staff vs staff football, staff vs staff tug of war and also staff vs students' netball.

We are delighted to announce that Alexandra Park School have achieved the School Games Gold Mark Award for the 2021/22 academic year.

It was a true privilege to watch our engineering pathways day unfold. The idea behind the day was to gather engineers from every stage of their careers and provide a shared space to allow free flowing conversation to inspire our next generation of STEM experts.

Fourth Plinth Awards

Ava's entry for the National Gallery 4th Plinth - School's Award was shortlisted by the National Gallery for a borough award.

Planet Hunting with Python

The Kepler telescope was first launched in March 2009 and spent 4 years collecting data from more than 150,000 stars. 4717 exoplanet candidates have been discovered from various solar systems. Our aim is to design an algorithm using Python to find exoplanets using raw data of light intensity from distant stars.

How does one judge a school? It seems a hot topic at the moment.

Surely not by its Year 7 students. At this stage, schools will not have had time to work their magic. Definitely not its Year 9. In fact especially not Year 9 with their concoction of hormones and swirling moods. Judge a school by the year groups that are reaching transition stages. Year 11, the almost finished article and Year 13, as they move onto pastures new. On both fronts, our students come up trumps.

We were extremely proud to partake in the award ceremony for the Rolls-Royce Schools Prize for Science and Technology. Over the past 2 years Mr Marshall, Mr Adams, Ms Harrold, Ms Pearl, Mr Hammond, and Joe Hart (industry VR expert) have been introducing Virtual Reality (VR) to Y10 and Y12 students.

Both Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to put our Erasmus project on hold. Thankfully we were able to resume this year, albeit remotely, to continue the wonderful scientific and cultural exchange between students at APS and those from two schools in Denmark and Norway.

The Arts Council awarded their top classification to Alexandra Park School in recognition of the superb work the school does within the Arts and Cultural experiences, especially within Fine Art, Music and Drama.