Year Group News

Year 10 Notices Nov. 2018

Mr. Hudson writes...

It has been a truly impressive start to the year from Year 10. The vast majority of students have started their GCSEs in a positive frame of mind. The students have reported really enjoying the new challenge and teachers have been equally impressed by the students’ enthusiasm.


The Year 10 boy’s football team were unlucky to lose to a very strong Petchey Academy team in the cup. Despite losing for the majority of the game, the students continued to encourage each other and did not let their heads drop.

The camaraderie and teamwork demonstrated by our students was inspirational to witness.


There is a huge amount going on at school outside of the classroom at present. A number of students have been part of this week’s school show ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ which has been a huge success.
The “Beyond Race’ Cultural Showcase that was held the week before half term was also a huge success. The following students deserve real credit for their participation:

beyond race Y10

The Prime Agency delivered a presentation and workshop to all of Year 10 on Monday 29th October. The assembly explored mental health, the causes of mental health problems (stress at school, relationships etc.) and the importance of the four British values (the rule of law, democracy, individual liberty and respect and tolerance). The presentation was well received by Year 10, who asked some excellent questions in the follow up workshop.

Student recognition

The following students deserve recognition for their exceptional start to the year.  All of them have more than 65 commendations:

y10 commendations Nov2018


Key Stage 4 Transition Evening Follow-up

Many thanks to the 200+ parents who attended this meeting on Tuesday 11th July. Your obvious commitment to helping your children is the most important support they will receive. We have read the impressive range of ‘barriers to success’ that you identified. These ranged from the more obvious - social media, parties, exam stress etc. through to the more individual: ‘Love Island’ and ‘thick parents’ being interesting ones! 

From personal experience,  a book about teenage behaviour that some parents may find useful is: Get out of my life by Tony Wolf and Suzanne Franks  

Please negotiate for and encourage the following in September:

  • A positive and inquisitive attitude – these are amazing subjects taught by passionate teachers. Discuss their subjects with them – ask them to teach you.
  • A healthy lifestyle – sensible bed times (without phones) good breakfasts and regular physical activities.
  • Clear homework routines and an organised bag and work space.
  • A robust attitude to attendance.  If in doubt – always come to school. Aim for 100%.
  • Sensible and safe social lives. In the past, the school has had to deal with the fall-out from large unmanaged parties, mixed sleep-overs, students without sensible curfews etc. Teenagers will often say that “all their friends are allowed to do something”. This is rarely true.
  • A supportive attitude towards school rules. Encourage your children to see the reasoning behind rules associated with uniform, behaviour, punctuality etc. We aim to ensure the safety and happiness of students from many different backgrounds. All the school rules are designed to help this happen.

The information from the Key Stage 4 Evening can be found below:

Key Stage 4 transition - English presentation pdfpdf pptxpptx
Key Stage 4 transition - Maths presentation pdfpdf pptxpptx
Key Stage 4 transition - Science presentation pdfpdf pptxpptx
Key Stage 4 transition - Wellbeing presentation pdfpdf pptxpptx
Key Stage 4 transition - Access Arrangements pdfpdf pptxpptx