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Students perform Macbeth for Shakespeare Schools Festival

Chris Grace, founder and Artistic Director of the Shakespeare School’s Festival, was delighted with the APS Year 9 production of Macbeth on 25th November.  He made a special effort to speak with us after the show to congratulate the cast on their “world class” performance.  He commented that it was clear the students knew every word and every line of the play in order to successfully communicate the story.  He went on to mention the creative stage pictures and ensemble work made it unlike any other Macbeth he had seen in 15 years since starting the project.  Chris was so moved by our interpretation that he kept one of the red ribbons as a memento!  Congratulations to the cast and crew who were a pleasure to direct and many thanks to Lola McAuley for her article.

Ms Vlad and Ms Utley (co-directors)

The Shakespeare School Festival was an amazing experience. I enjoyed every part of it from rehearsals to performing on a live stage in a real theatre!

We started off by doing rehearsals weekly. We did some drama activities to warm up. We then started to block scenes in order of “importance”. This was really fun as we were all directors in this play. This meant that the end result was a performance that was all of our ideas. This caused every member of the cast to be really passionate about the show. This was great fun and made me excited for every rehearsal.

After about a month or so of rehearsals we went to the theatre for a workshop with the organisers and another school. This workshop helped us understand the play and different techniques that we could use in our performance. We also got to see some scenes from another school’s performance.

On the actual day we went to the theatre to do a run through of our show on a real stage. We came back later to do our performance in front a paying audience! We got to watch the first two performances from the audience and after the interval we went backstage to prepare for our performance, it was exhilarating.

It was an amazing experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. The whole experience helped me have a much better understanding of Shakespeare and his language. I think the Shakespeare school festival is an experience that I would recommend to everyone and has made me a more well-rounded person.

Lola, year 9