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Physics makes the Century

100 years ago, Einstein gave his first lecture at Leiden University. To this day, the theories he invoked of “ether” and “undulatory theory” are still relevant to his contemporaries, albeit by different name. Now, our 100 strong cohort of APS physicists will follow in his footsteps.

With a department of passionate Physicists, both staff and students, APS is proud to break through the 100 A level students mark and educate so many young people in an exciting and ever-changing subject. With a shortage of Physics teachers across the country and the World, providing good quality Physics education to so many is no mean feat. Our school and our physics department look forward to being able to expand our intake even further in the coming years.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Student Progress Day

 Student Progress Day Year
 Staff Timings Location

1 Tuesday 8th October (wk2) 

 7-13  Tutors / Co tutors  9am – 4pm Form Rooms 

2 Tuesday 19th November (wk1) 

10   Subject Teachers 1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

3 Wednesday 4th December (wk1)

9 Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm   Teaching rooms

4 Wednesday 22nd January (wk2)

 11 Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

5 Thursday 6th February (wk2)

13  Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

6 Wednesday 4th March (wk1)

12  Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

7 Tuesday 17th March (wk1)

 8 Subject Teachers  1:15pm – 7pm  Teaching rooms 

8 Thursday 30th April (wk1)

Subject Teachers   1:15pm – 7pm Teaching rooms