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Jeremy Atkinson's Internship at CERN S'cool lab!

Between 23 July and 5 August 2017, the selected students had the chance to explore the fascinating world of particle physics during lectures and tutorials, hands-on workshops in S’Cool LAB, and visits of CERN’s research installations.

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Here is a poster created by Jeremy and other student.

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 CREN Poster


Jeremy worte a log of everything he did during the two weeks. Here are some of his comments:

Saturday 29.07.2017 

Today we had free time in the morning, so we visited CERN's Globe exhibition, which shows both the history of CERN and the technologies currently being used there. The structure itself is quite unique, originally built for Expo.02 in 2002 in Neuchâtel, before being moved to CERN in 2004. we were also given a small unofficial tour of the whole building by a friendly security guard, who took us up the exterior ramps usually off limits for visitors.

After lunch we all went into Geneva for free time and a city wide treasure hunt, which we completed in small groups. The treasure hunt ended at a restaurant, where we enjoyed a lot of cheese fondue!

Sunday 30.07.2017: 

We set off in the morning for a hike up Mont Salève, the ascent being an elevation of 670m. After a 2 hour hike and lunch at the top with a beautiful view over Geneva, we took the cable-car back down. We then again had some free time in which some of us had a quick dip in the surprisingly cold lake Geneva!

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