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Science Week 2017

APS celebrates British Science week 2017

This possibly would be better titled ‘Science Month’ as we have had events running from the end of February right up to the beginning of the Easter holiday with the British science week being slap bang in the middle from 13th-17th of March.

We started with a BAE/Royal Navy robotics show for the whole of Y7 on Monday 27th Feb. There have been trips to the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham for Y7&Y9, GCSE Science Live, with talks from illustrious scientists such as Jim al Khalili, Robert Winston and Andrea Sella.  Y10s & Y12s have benefited from both Physics in Action and Biology in Action trips.  We have had the Living Egg project with chicks hatching and growing with us for 2 weeks, the animal man has been in school for 2 days with his veritable zoo of reptiles, mammals and creepy crawlies.  Our Y9s had a science exam during Science Week; we rewarded their hard work with an explosive chemistry show from Dr Sydlo on Monday 20th of March.

Science Week itself was action-packed with science themed lessons happening across all subjects and multiple events every lunchtime and each day after school.  I knew it was going to be a good week when on Monday at 3.15pm I saw 150+ students rapidly heading for S20 to get involved in ice cream making!  We squeezed the first 40 in, I hope everyone who was keen to get involved but couldn’t quite fit in enjoyed at least one other event during the week.

Other highlights included the inaugural APS Fruit Drop where a range of fruit, including watermelons, were dropped from the 3rd floor and the data used to calculate the acceleration of freefall on earth.  Y8 student Charlie Maunders's gases and group one metals demonstrations; his understanding of the chemistry he demonstrates is truly impressive and of course the 16th annual APS Shark Lecture, where almost 100 students squeezed into our biggest teaching room to see Mr Nicholls whistle stp tour of UK sharks.

Thanks to all the science teachers and technicians that made this possible, also to Mr Danby and DT for spreading extracurricular science week events across the school with his Marble Run Challenge after school on Thursday.

We have squeezed a little more out of this month of science with our Easter community lecture, ‘The making of the Shard’ on the 28th of March and our 80 degrees below dry ice session which was postponed during Science Week due to a failed delivery of dry ice happening on the 29th.

Finally, Celia Warre and Veselin Velkov are with Mr Marshall in Poland for the final week of term as part of our all-expenses paid Erasmus+ project looking at fusion energy – more about that in the next edition!

Below are a selection of comments and pictures from science ‘week’ trips and events.

BAE, RAF & Royal navy – robotics roadshow

On the wet afternoon of Monday 27th February the whole of year seven were treated to an exciting science and engineering show looking at how we engineer, make and code robots to help deal with dangerous and difficult situations.

Students comments

I thought it was very interesting and entertaining. I thought everyone liked it when the robot and the drones were used. It was good fun.León 7X
I thought it was fun and exciting - I would do it again! It was interesting to see how drones operate and work. I liked the part when Maya was doing Tai Chi.  That was really entertaining and funny and I really enjoyed it very much! Eila 7L
Big Bang Fair feedback - 2017
Everyone at the stands were really engaging and were excited to hear my ideas on the future of STEM. Rosa
I liked the Virtual Reality activities. It was great to round to go to different stands and learn new things with my friends. Lexie
I liked the Heavy Metal Marine Biology talk and all the fun activities around Isabela
It was a great day. There were brilliant and interesting stands, experiments and shows - all funny, engaging and educational. We got to try out different equipment, pet ferrets and got some really helpful information on science. I even made new friends with the same interests as me! Other students

GCSE Science live

Very interesting, entertaining and overall a fantastic experience.
The lecturers were very good and knew their area of science really well.
Very informative about the exam and how to do better on it.
Robert Winston was funny, but so inspiring and interesting.
Andreas Sella was really cool – it was fantastic that there were brilliant inspiring women scientists who are experts in their fields. Comments from Students

Science week Comments

Ice cream making

It was very fun and tasty because we got ice cream on the first try. Husein Hassan 7X
It was a very fun event and it was great how we got instant ice cream! Lara Forkan 7X
Mr Danby's marble run session
It was very fun and interesting I liked it a lotGergana 7X
Science Week Overall Student Comments
During science week I went to the instant ice cream session and it was really cool to make. I also went to the 16th annual shark lecture, which was really good and interesting; I loved learning about all the different sharks and facts! Science week was really fun! Edie
During science week I went to the animal man. I liked it because we got to learn about the animals and hold them. It was really fun. I also went to the shark talk; it was really interesting and I got to learn about different species of shark for example Great White sharks are coming to the u.k. We also got a small fossil shark tooth. Maila

Science Week 2017 Parents comments

Dear Mr Bragoli,
I would be grateful if you could pass my thanks to all those involved in putting together and delivering Science Week. The schedule was wonderful with interesting opportunities for all.
A school that offers 'The 16th APS Annual Shark Lecture' is one I am delighted to send my child to!
With all best wishes Susie Holden
Hello Everyone
I just wanted to thank you all (& I’m sure a lot of other staff) for an amazing Science Week which Eva got so much from. Admittedly, it was mainly to do with the no legged, 2 legged, 4 legged & 8 legged creatures she got to handle and find out about. She came home every day so excited about all the things she had learnt about rhinos, tarantulas, sharks, chinchillas, bearded dragons and many other things! She also ‘faced her fear of spiders’ getting the chance to hold Princess a number of times & loved looking after the chicks and watching them hatch and grow so thank you on behalf of Eva for such a brilliant week at school! Jenny Hansford
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