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Honey I shrunk the kids - Virtual Reality at APS

VR at APS #theta360 #theta360uk - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Alexandra Park School has recently invested in a whole suite of Virtual Reality to bring science alive! Teachers at this school are committed to staying up to date with educational developments and ensuring we are ahead of the curve for extra-curricular fun. Because of a generous gift to the school APS has delivered its first few fully VR lessons. Mr. Marshall took his Y9 students on a journey down into the elemental realm and Mr. Hammond gave his Y12 class a real sense of scale as he shrunk them down to the size of an atom to explore isotopes!

The equipment donated also included a 360 VR camera that the school will now send out on school trips so we can bring our visits back to APS.

We asked students for their critical feedback (it is important to not be caught up in the novelty of such experiences) in order to provide the school with guidance on how to more fully incorporate this exciting new tech. Here are some of their comments below:

It could be improved if you added sound so we could do whole independent lessonsEvie, 9P
“This lesson was so fun and different form a normal lesson. A different and unique way of learning.Madeleine, 9K
“It was more engaging but was also nauseating.Cameron, 9K
“Bit blurry, but more fun and an easier way to learnLouis

Mr. Marshall has recently received £1,000 to help implement the use of Virtual Reality at APS. The money is from Stem Learning and the Rolls Royce Science Prize in recognition of a well delivered school action plan.