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One of the foundations of the APS ‘success for all’ ethos is the recognition that a rounded education involves considerably more than enhancing the knowledge and the skills which form the heart of the school curriculum. This drives the efforts we make to advance key values and to enrich students’ experiences, both inside and beyond the classroom. 

careers 02An enduring feature of this newsletter is to highlight the range of experiences that are enjoyed by students across the school to supplement their daily timetabled lessons. In the past few weeks, two such opportunities particularly stand out. Firstly, our Careers Fair, which is a fixture of the school calendar and attended by all students in Years 9, 11, 12 and 13. This year more than 30 different employment areas were represented: from the BBC, leading city financial institutions and international engineers to local employers and training providers. And more recently, a fantastic Medical Careers event, which was led by the Director of NHS England at which 350 students were able to participate in workshops and training events led by 40 professionals representing different areas of expertise. 

The School’s Careers Education programme is followed in Citizenship from the first few weeks of Year 7, when students register with ‘start profile’ and this is revisited every year, with focused and targeted guidance at key decision points. Students also enjoy a range of visits, workshops and talks from different employers – in the last couple of months alone these have ranged from an assembly from the Chief Executive of Ogilvy UK, a visit to the offices of LinkedIn and a butchery masterclass for catering students. And in Years 10 and 12, all students can benefit from gaining experience of a workplace outside of the school setting. 

This is just a brief summary of some recent highlights – more details are available elsewhere in this newsletter and on our website. My thanks go to all those involved with the organisation of these activities. 

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