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Girls in Physics

On Wednesday 4th October, a number of our girls attended the Girls in Physics Evening at Highgate School.  The fantastic speakers were Dr. Nadia Abdul-Karin who works in defence and security, Dr. Ozak Esu who is an enginer with Cundall, and Goody Gibbins who is a researcher and works to see how thermodynamics can be used to help combat climate change.  Although due to gender discrimination I was not permitted to attend, I was delighted at how enthusiastic the girls were the next day.  Our Y11 girls were particularly inspired by Dr. Nadia Abdul-Karin leading to them saying 'I didn't know doing physics could lead to such interesting jobs'.  I hope this enthusiasm helps these young ladies and others continue their enjoyment of the subject through A-Level and beyond!

I really enjoyed the event.  It gave me great insight into the world of physics and the part women play into it.  I loved hearing about the importance of women, in a field that is thought of as a men's field, and that is predominantly male.  I also found it interesting to find out about careers I had never heard of before.  I was very interested listening to different degrees and places they can take you.Lola Mcauley
I found the talks very informative and engaging.  The speakers also mentioned ways to get into STEM careers and provided links to scholarships and programmes which was very helpful.  I feel like I have a better understanding of the speakers' professions and of women's roles within STEM generally.  Overall, I thought it was a useful experience and one that I took a lot from.Ella Gregory
I thoroughly enjoyed the “Girls in Physics’ event at Highgate school and it introduced me to some interesting pathways into Physics careers. It helped me to start thinking about a future in science and opened my mind to sectors of Physics which I did not know about, such as physicists working closely with the law to identify and detect explosives and the way they work and physics within the study of climate change and the environment. The women who spoke were very inspiring and passionate about what their specific field and made me think about all the different avenues and options to choose from in Physics and science as a whole to fit you and your personal passions and interests. All of the events I have attended with Highgate have been of an amazing standard and I have learnt lots from as well as enjoyed and I would be excited to participate in future activities.Liliana Newsam-Smith

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TeenTech winners attend Buckingham Palace reception

On 12th October Jamie Toeg and Ted Proctor attended Buckingham Palace to receive their TeenTech award and also £1000 for APS.  It was a special afternoon, with the awards being presented by HRH Prince Andrew.  Jamie and Ted are using some of the money to set up Drone Club, which will be opening for Y8 students soon.

After winning our category of safety and security in the teen tech awards we were invited to visit Buckingham palace and meet the Duke of York. We entered through the front gates and into a grand hall with glittering chandeliers and red and gold everywhere. We drank tea and had royal biscuits before being presented with a certificate and meeting the Prince. It was a great experience for us getting to not only meet Prince Andrew but also many people in the technology industry from leading companies like Symantec, JVC and Airbus. In addition to this the prize for winning the Teen Tech awards was £1000 awarded to the school. We thought it would be great to set up a drone club at APS with some of this money to inspire other students to explore technology in a fun way. Drone club is currently in the planning stages but should be coming soon so make sure you look out!Jamie Toeg

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Ogden Trust Symposium

In September, Philip Ilonop attended the 9th OT symposium at Corpus Christi college, Cambridge.  He wrote the following about his experience..

I found the 9th Ogden Physics symposium enjoyable as we were able to do practicals and we learnt about quantum and particle physics. We also got a good experience of university life and how lectures would be.

It was very interactive as we solved problems in groups and participated in activities.  We performed a practical where we had to twirl a ball on a string around wooden rods of different diameters.  We recorded the time it took for the ball to complete set numbers of loops.  We then had to draw a graph of the results.  We were also allowed to tour Corpus Christi college and  visit the town.  Most of the things we learned were intense but it was designed to be intense in order to challenge us.  Most of the other students and I struggled at first but started to understand on the final day.  Overall, it was an enjoyable and beneficial experience that would be very impactive in applying to university; especially if you want to do physics or other related subjects such as engineering and maths.


Ogden Trust light and sound CPD

In mid-January Ms David & Mr Hammond spend the day running a continuing professional development course for primary science staff to deliver Light and sound topics using engaging practical activities in their schools.

The day was a great success with positive feedback from every school involved. The experiments and resources are now being used in primary schools across Harringey.