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APS Student wins George Orwell Youth Prize!

Congratulations to Celia Bergin (10E) for winning this prestigious award at Pembroke College, Oxford.  In addition, two other APS students, Arthur Attenborough (12P) and Elvina Chidley (10K) were awarded "highly commended" certificates.  Schools from across the country take part in this competition which rewards "political writing of outstanding quality".  To have three winners out of the hundreds of entries is a wonderful reflection of our students' engagement and clarity of expression.


Beyond the Curriculum Day 2016

Beyond the curriculum day 2016 is fast approaching.

Students will be taking part in a number of activities outside of their regular curriculum, ranging from a trip to the Imperial War Museum through to cryptography and code breaking.

Please find below a full list of the activities that will be available on 18th July 2016.

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Activity Y9 Y10 Description
Modern Architecture Tour N Y10 Think science and art can never mix? Think again! Architecture is the perfect blend of physics, engineering and design. On our walking tour of the Square Mile we will get down and personal with some of London's most iconic modern buildings from The Shard to The Gurkin. Trip will involve astroll through the City of London and a stop-off at London's premier food market at London Bridge forlunch. Open to year 10 from any subject
Imperial War Museum Y9 N Conflict and War are key influences on many of the GCSE texts, most notably the poetry cluster (Power and Conflict) and Lord of the Flies. Visiting the imperial War museum will be informative and will develop your contextual knowledge in preparation for studying the texts next year. Join the English Department and visit one of the most fascinating museums in London!
Lee Valley Cycling Trip Y9 Y10 Come and enjoy a day at the Lee Valley Mountain Bike Course. We will spend two hours mountain biking and learning new skills. Then we will tour the world famous velodrome and Olympic Park. Helmets and Bikes will be provided at the park.
Huntarian Museum and the Museum of London N Y10 We will be travelling back in time to investigate Robert Louis Stevenson's inspiration for "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde". The day will start with a trip to the Museum of London where we will walk the streets of Victorian London and see the type of City that inspired the tale. After lunch we will visit the Huntarian Museum and see the extensive collection of anatomical specimens collected by Dr Hunter, the man many claim to be the inspiration behind Stevenson's enigmatic protagonist.
Olympic Park Walking tour Y9 Y10 Take a walk around the Olympic Park and see where all the magic of 2012 happened! We will be taking part in challenges along the way and finding different activities for you to test your own athletic ability. We will end the day with a picnic and some time for you to do some exploring of your own.
PE Carousel Y9 Y10 You will have the opportunity to take part in all your usual favourite PE activities as well as some new sports that you may not have had the opportunity to try before. Over 3 sessions you will choose between activities like trampolining, tennis, rounders, football, dance, tag rugby, netball and many more.
BP Portrait Awards; National Portrait Gallery Y9 Y10 Comeand visit the National Portrait Gallery and view the final portraits selected for the BP Portrait awards 2016; you will be able to see a broad range of painting styles and will also be able to have a look around the gallery. We will have a picnic lunch in trafalgar square, where you will alsobe able to enjoy the sights of London.
Kenwood House Y9 Y10 Come to Kenwood, the beautiful 18th century stately home on Hampstead Heath. You will look at the life of Kenwoods most famous resident, Dido Bell, Britains first black aristocrat. Didos life has inspired amajor film called Belle which has just been released in cinemas. You will also use your orienteering skills to explore the key landmarks in the grounds surrounding the famous house.
Emirates Airline and The Crystal Y9 Y10 After some time in and around the O2 arena, take in some of Londons most iconic buildings and attractions as we cross the River Thames on the Emirates Airline to Royal Victoria Docks. Here we will visit The Crystal, home to the worlds largest exhibition on the future of cities. Informative, interactive and creative The Crystal is designed to get us talking about a shared sustainable future: how we live in cities, how we struggle with ideas about how to improve them, how we can make our urban habitats more efficient, cleaner and better to live in - not only for ourselves, but for future generations and the earths diverse ecosystems.
Forensics Y9 Y10 Ever thought of becoming a forensics scientist? Join us for a forensics and crime solving workshop! Forensics is used to gather important evidence that can be used by the police to identify criminal and the justice system to present in court to the public with the aim to convict guilt criminals. In this workshop you will learn how to gather evidence from a crime scene, preform some common forensic experiment and then analyse evidence to identify a potential criminal. Take the first step to becoming a forensic scientist.
Writing & Recording Rap Y9 N Think youve got what it takes to write a successful, catchy rap and record it all in one day? Then come to the music department where you will be researching rap lyric structure, touring and learning about the studio, writing and producing a rap in two team. Which team will produce the better track?
East London Mosque Y9 Y10 A guided visit of East London Mosque.
Bank of England visit Y9 N How did the sign originate? Why is the Bank of England called The Old Lady? How can you fit millions of pounds into a small tube? Do you want to hold a gold bar worth nearly half a million pounds? How much gold is stored under the Bank? If you want to find out the answers to the above and more, join Mr Cummisky and Ms Stone on activity day. Students will be visiting the Bank of England Museum in the morning followed by packed lunch in the City.
Food Skills Workshop Y9 Y10 Do you love cooking, do you want to expand your skills range and be challenged to create exciting dishes? During the day you will be taught different food skills and then be given the task of creating a dish using those skills and some mystery ingredients!
Grant Museum and Faraday Museum Y9 Y10 Interested in Science?Visit two of London's lesser known museums that will intrigue and fascinate you. The Grant museum contains over 67,000 specimens and is a treasure trove of things you won't see anywhere else from a quagga to a jar of moles.Whereas, the Faraday museum celebrates many of the important scientificdiscoveries that have changed our world. We will have lunch in a London park so join Mr Nicholls and Mr Rae for a top day out.
Visist to Turkish Cultural Centre in Central London & Neareast Section of British Museum N Y10 To see another language learning environment and understand culture in historical and archeogical concept
Visit to the Coca Cola factory Y9 Y10 Take a tour around the Coca Cola factory and see how this iconic beverage is bottled- its on a massive scale and really fast- I promise you will be impressed! A fun filled day with activities and interesting sights.
Wacky Science Y9 N Fizz, bang and pop the day away in series of exciting hands-on science activities. Feeling peckish around lunchtime, no worries, how about making your own desert as you learn about and make your own ice cream!
Lido swimming and rounders in the park Y9 Y10 We will be going to the Park road Lido, for a Swimming Gala. You will be swimming lots of different strokes and lengths. You will also swim in a relay race. You need to be a strong confident swimmer.We will then play rounders in the park.
Making Fiction Films N Y10 This session will offer students who did not pickthe GCSE Mediaoption to learn how to use a videocamera to create meaningful narrative fiction. We will cover fundamentals such as storyboarding sequences,camera framing, continuity and editing techniques.
Play ina day Y9 Y10 Rehearse and perform a play.all in one day! Practise your spoken English, projecting your voice and develop your stage presence while directing and performing in your own play.
Cryptography N Y10 Learn about breaking codes and encrypting text and images! You will learn about the Caesar cipher which has been used for thousands of years, and use python/javascript to decode and encrypt Caesar ciphers. You will also learn about modern encryption, and use python/javascript to encrypt text. Suitable for Y10 students who have an interest in maths and coding, and who have not studied encryption.
Natural History Museum Y9 Y10 Encounter the Museum's largest, smallest and possibly most beautiful specimens in this show about species adaptations and how and why scientists classify life. Students find out about species adaptations and how humans fit into the classification system. They also get the chance to do the job of our enquiries service scientists, if they survive a close encounter with a giant squid.
Enterprise Challenge Y9 Y10 For students taking part in the School Enterprise projects:
Belmont Farm Visit Y9 Y10 Students will be invited on this trip:


Congratulations to Drama Students

Congratulations to our GCSE and AS Level Drama students for their performances to external examiners throughout May.  A range of challenging topics were handled sensitively and professionally by all.  The audiences were drawn into each story by the characters with strong impact created by well-crafted scenes and interesting characterisation.  The commitment to hours of learning lines and rehearsing at lunch time and after school paid off – well done for your collaboration and imaginative approach to the range of texts!  Videos are now available on Moodle for you to view with family and friends.

Ms Vlad and Mr Deer

Direct link to Year 12 Drama Course on Moodle (you must be enrolled on the course to view the videos)


Future First - Keep in touch with APS!

When you finish your exams this summer, for those Year 11s and 13s who are moving on from Alexandra Park School we don’t want that to be the last time you’re in touch with us.

Here at APS we are working with ‘Future First’ to help us keep in touch with you so they can continue to support you and perhaps even invite you back in to support future students.

Future First is a charity who helps schools like ours to stay in contact with their leavers from day one.

You could be a fantastic role model for future students by sharing your experiences, for example:

    • Talking to year 9s about choosing GCSE options;
    • Talking to year 11s about exams, revision and choosing your post-16 route;
    • Letting students know what the first year out after leaving APS is really like!

The Future First team will only contact you on behalf of APS and it’ll only be a few times a year.

Click submit: apply via the link. All details are kept strictly confidential by Future First:


Many thanks.

Careers department


Parents in Mind - Peer support project

Haringey have launched a new service, "Parents in Mind"; a project dedicated to working with parents / carers of young people in Haringey whose young people are experiencing emotional or mental health problems.  In this project, they will be:

  • Running x3 parent peer support groups throughout the year
  • Providing a structured 12 week peer support group
  • Providing information about mental health
  • Offering support, guidance & advice
  • Providing an opportunity for parents to lead and facilitate

Please download the flyer and application form from below for more information and to register an interest in these sessions.

Download the flyer

Download the registration form


KS3 DT Science Week Competition Winners

Congratulations to Isadora (Y7), George (Y8) and Ted (Y9) who were the winners of DT's Science Week competition.

Below you can view their work, as well as a comment on their design/s.

Titled 'flight of words' pen inspired by the shape of a bird's body - this is a multi- functioned pen. It provides comfortable handwriting assistance, spelling assistance and ability to choose different colours. We especially liked the concept of WIFI spelling assistance. This would allow a Year 7 students to self-check their own work, which the pen achieves by learning your handwriting style, crosschecking your spelling and flashing to alert you that you have  made a mistake. This promotes self regulation and independence in students of all abilities. We felt this pen, whilst technologically advanced, is commercially viable and we could imagine this being available for use in schools within the next few years!Isadora, 7S

07 isadora

The 'stay active hose' enables Martha (our 76 year old target user) and other people with arthritis to enjoy gardening without having to use their painful fingers to grip a hose. This is a beautifully simple design which uses forearm support to 'attach' the hose to the body without the need for grip - this is what stood this design apart from many of the other competitors who used the 'assisted grip' concept. It also had voice activated controls so that one wouldn't have to use their free hand to press buttons to start and stop the flow of water whilst out and about in the garden. The stay active hose also comes with a large faucet handle so that the mains water can be turned on and off with ease.George, 7S

 08 george

This entry was a great combination of technical understanding and intuitive design. We felt that the underground/ over ground design fitted in perfectly with the theme/environment. Ted produced a technical drawing, a 3D CAD model and an architectural blueprint, all showing his ability to cater for the complex needs of the early Martian settlers. We particularly liked the renewable resources such as the O.W.E.D (oxygen and water extraction device) which utilises the habitat's greenhouse as a self sustaining supply system, the 'geothermal generator' which uses the heat from the planets crust to generate energy, and the solar panel to capture the solar rays. Ted, 9e

09 ted
09 ted2


"The City and the Girl"

Drive and creativity are at the heart of the media studies department at Alexandra Park School. No one characterizes this better than Josh Barnett, former student and current media technician. Over the Easter holidays, when other staff and pupils were slumbering in their beds Josh roused a group of current and former students to take part in the 48 hour film challenge. On Saturday morning a brief was released by the organising body, Sci-Fi-London (organisers of the London Science Fiction Film Festival). Josh and his team had already been hard at work for an hour setting up kit and preparing costumes when I wandered in to school at 9am. Realising that I was unnecessary I sloped off home. Josh and his crew, Sam Redfearn, Oke Oluku, Josh Syratt, Bryn Barton, Filmon Simon, Seza Shevket (current students) and  Sian Dorman, Sam Toller, Jaimus Tailor, Chris Cheng and David Marcillo Coronaldo (former students) readied themselves to write, shoot, score, edit and create computer graphics for their film in less than two days.

The film is set in a post-apocalyptic London (thanks Chris for getting up at 5am on Sunday morning to shoot those shots!) and explores a morning in the life of a man and the young girl he finds himself responsible for. It features an amazing costume created by talented designer Sian Dorman (who we are currently lucky to have working as our technician in Design and Technology), cinematography from Sam Redfearn, computer graphics by Filmon Simon, a score written in one afternoon by Bryn Barton and sound by Josh Syratt and Oke Oluku.

It’s a delight to work with such talented and committed young people. It’s even more of a delight when you they do it all themselves, unprompted and with such dedication, enthusiasm and skill. You can view the full video below.


London Winner of 'Performing Shakespeare'

Well done to Amy and Louisa, who made it through to the London finals of the Performing Shakespeare Competition.  Extra congratulations are in order for Flo, whose performance of a Lady Macbeth soliloquy was judged the overall winner out of 40 students from across London.

Flo will now represent APS at the UK national FInals at The Gielgud Theatre on 8th March.  Watch this space!


If we may be permitted to blow our own trumpet...

It's official.  The Department for Education 2015 performance data positions Alexandra Park School at the top of the local league tables.  The attainment, progress and value added data for students studying GCSE, vocational and A-level courses places the school ahead of all but the selective schools in North London.


Living up to their laurels

Year 11 students Chris, Max, Milo and Kuba (left to right) have been hailed by members of the local community after their exceptional work in looking after a lady in Bounds Green who had suffered a head injury. Kuba, who recently earned first place in the London first aid challenge, and his friends were the first to respond when they saw her whilst walking home from school.

The boys administered first aid, stayed with her for over an hour, tried to get an ambulance which was delayed, went to a local GP surgery for help and eventually escorted her to hospital. Several adults stopped to offer their assistance but quickly realised that the boys had the situation under control. People who saw the incident have contacted the school to express their appreciation and praise for the boys’ actions. Thank you, gentlemen.