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Our Curriculum

Our aim is to provide students with a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum that fosters a love of learning and enables all students to reach their academic potential.

At Key Stage 3 we build on students’ achievements in Key Stage 2 to develop the breadth and depth of their knowledge, skills and understanding, preparing them thoroughly for the end of Key Stage tasks, tests and assignments in Year 9 and for taking GCSE and Vocational courses at KS4.

At Key Stage 4  we offer a broad, ever-changing curriculum to cater for our students' needs and the changing curriculum, inspiring and preparing them for next steps in their education, training and employment.

Detailed information on our KS3 and KS4 Curriculum is available via the below links. Additional curriculum information for the lower school including careers, homework and GCSE choices can be found under School Information in the main menu. Information on our Sixth Form curriculum offer can be found under Sixth Form in the main menu.

If you would like further information about our curriculum, you can contact Dan Silverman, Deputy Headteacher Curriculum via the Alexandra Park School Office at office@alexandrapark.school

Careers Education at Alexandra Park School

We support our students in making well-informed decisions about their future by providing access to a range of impartial information and guidance about the range of further education and training options available to them when they leave APS, both academic and vocational. We offer each student differentiated and independent advice on those options most likely to help them achieve their goals, in line with our vision ‘success for all’.

All students have access to a selection of events and assemblies on the subject of careers advice and subject choices and we invite parents and alumni into the classrooms to hold sessions on careers in specific industries throughout the year. Work Related Learning is also delivered across the curriculum, with a specific focus provided in citizenship lessons on preparing for future education and employment.

We have published a summary of our careers programme provision in our Careers Strategy, which includes information on how we measure and assesses the impact of our programme. This strategy document is available to download below and is reviewed and published annually.

We have also published a policy statement setting out the circumstances in which providers of technical education and apprenticeships are able to provide careers information to our students. This policy statement is published on the policies page of the school website.

Download the APS Careers Strategy

Other Resources

General careers advice including support for choosing a career, writing a CV and completing job applications

Work experience


Gap Years

Year in Industry / Headstart

Further information

Students, parents and carers are welcome to contact the APS Careers Leader, Tony Cummisky at tcummisky@alexandrapark.school or by telephone at 020 8826 5011 for further information and advice on careers.