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Pre-order your Christmas Tree

APSA invites you to pre-order your Christmas trees.

The trees are 150/170cm (5ft-6ft) premium grade ‘Nordman low drop’ Christmas trees.

christmas tree animated gif 30Each tree costs £42. All proceeds will go to APSAs fundraising.

The trees are to be collected on Monday 2nd December, the day of our annual Christmas lecture, choir and festivities, from the school playground.

On the 2nd December, the trees can be collected between 4:30 – 7:15pm (the Christmas lecture will run between 6:00-7:00pm). We regret you will be unable to pick up your tree at any other time.

Information on the Christmas lecture and how to sign up will be shared soon.

Please fill in the order form available to Download here and the Payment option will be set up on ParentPay when the form is returned to the school office.

Last payment date Friday 22nd November

Thank you

Key Terms and Conditions:

  • The school needs to meet the minimum order number required by the supplier. If this number is not met, we will not be able to place the order and the money paid via Parent Pay will be refunded.
  • The tree collections are on a first come first served basis, so if you would like to have a choice of the tree please arrive early.
  • There is no parking on the school site. Trees will need to be carried to the location of the car outside of school or carried home.
  • If we have a suitable amount of volunteers, we will endeavour to assist you to carry the tree to the car (not homes) but this may not be possible.
  • The trees must be collected on Monday 2nd December at the times specified. 
  • The school has no facility for refunding after the order has been placed, please contact the supplier directly (information available on request) if there are issues,  you may need to take the tree back to the supplier in Reigate if you are dissatisfied.