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APS Student Makes News with London Citizen Journalist Competition Win

Joel Kiffin with Richard PeelAlexandra Park School pupil, and Haringey citizen journalist, Joel Kiffin was a winner at the 2017 London Voices jounalist competition.  These awards, sponsored by The Media Society and London Learning Consortium, took place during a high profile event at the London Reform Club last week.  Joels written entry considers the pros and cons of social media for democracy, and was part of a competition designed to encourage new talent into journalism.

Dubbed London Voices, the competition aims to promote emerging journalism talent across the capital and to generate a range of new perspectives and ideas about London.  Aspiring citizen journalists submitted articles, videos or photos which debated and challenged the ways people think about their communities.  The competition was launched against a background of discussion about the proliferation of 'fake news', and is part of an attempt to fight back by encouraging citizens to become part of reporting 'real' news about their communities and issues.

Joel Kiffin with Stephen Jeffery and Richard PeelJoel's interest in politics was evident in his written entry to the competition, discussing ideas about the use and misuse of social media, and the extent to which it could be seen as contributing to or stifling democratic debate.  His entry was even more impressive, considering that Joel has only just completed his A Levels, and was one of the youngest entrants to the competition.  His entry can be read on the London Voices website at http://www.londonlc.org.uk/london-voices/.

Media Society judges Patrick Barrow and Barney Jones loved Joel's "well presented" article and felt it was, "informative, carefully prepared and well backed up with quotes and statistics".  He was presented with his award by President of The Media Society, Richard Peel.

Having just completed his studies at Alexandra park School, Joel has applied to university to study Journalism and Media.  He intends to continue with his twin passions of sport (cricket, football, tennis and Formula One) and writing, and he has plans to eventually work within either print media or broadcast media such as radio.