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Jeremy wins summer internship at CERN

Congratulations to Jeremy Atkinson, who has earned a place on CERN’s prestigious S’Cool Lab Summer Programme in Geneva.  More than 2000 applications were received for just 20 places. This is a rare chance for an internship at the World’s greatest experiment. Jeremy will spend the summer working alongside students and physicists from across the world. He will attend lectures, tutorials, workshops and carry out a number of different experiments on a variety of tasks. Jeremy will also get the opportunity to visit a number of the experimental sites and facilities at CERN. He will build on his knowledge and experience of particle physics following our annual APS Physics department trip to CERN in June.  Jeremy is delighted. "I'm very excited about the opportunity I have been offered. I wasn't expecting it as it was so competitive! It will be a great chance to extend my knowledge in physics, building on my present knowledge learnt studying A level. I also hope to make and develop contacts with other Physics students worldwide. I'm really looking forward to it!"

The Physics team at Alexandra Park School are very proud of our Jeza!

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