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TeenTech City

On the 12th January 2017 Mr Rahman and the nine members of the APS robotics club spent the day at TeenTech city at the Emirates stadium. The event is designed to get students and potential future technology employers interacting. The daytime event for KS3 students comprises of three zone, challenge, innovation and insight - each one being an hour-long problem solving or design session led by industry leaders.

In the afternoon TeenTech was opened up as a careers fair for 6th form students with all the companies involved in the daytime staying to offer advice and insight into apprentices, grad schemes and general guidance. The 30 Y12 and Y13 students that made their way there with Mr Hammond certainly enjoyed it and left with a range of freebies and some useful guidance on future pathways. Thanks to Maggie Philbin and the TeenTech team.

Student comments

I enjoyed the part when we had to think of an idea and think about marketing and logos and design and features and then pitch it to the other schools we ended up winning the most helpful award. One more thing I enjoyed was when we got to go around and see lots of different tools and see lots of cool new technology and uses it my personal favourites were the suits that showed what you did on a screen their normally used for CGI characters in films and in lots of video games another cool one was the app that could take a 3D scan of someone and then if you wished to you could 3D print it and have it in real life all in all it was a fun and interesting experience and I really enjoyed it. Leo 8A
What I enjoyed the most at the Emirates Stadium was the BBC workshop where we used a speaker that could project sound into another area of the room which I found quite amazing. I also enjoyed the voting pads and system which we used which I hope we are able to get in this school, the two final things that stood out was using the VR headset which was quite fun although I already have two sets of them at home and the innovation task where I came up with the idea of a drone that drops of care packages and as a group we added the details which would make the idea much better than previously. I think we worked really well as group thanks to our creativity and communication skills. Overall it was a spectacular experience and I hope to take part in something similar again sometime in my life. It is a memory I will never forget. Kene 8L
I enjoyed my trip to the event mostly because it made me fill that I could do more to be in the podium among the does brilliant people. At the same time gave the boost to believe in myself. Although, I enjoyed the tour of the stadium: it was my first time going to the stadium! And the tasks were fun. Clinton 8A
I enjoyed many aspects of the teen tech event however one of my favourite parts of the day was the DIY section. We had to design a new gadget to benefit the world a well as designing a logo and coming up with cool features of our robot. At the end of the activity we pitched our idea and went through the process with other schools creating other products.Mia 8A
Most of teen tech was very enjoyable and was an enhancement to everyday school. My favourite part of the entire trip was when we moved around the arsenal stadium, looking at various places where people were showing us different projects and what their companies talking about what they work for. Through the entire trip they got us stuck into the action while we leant on the way.Armin 8A
What I remember most was the virtual reality headset that we wore to see various scenarios. The day was a success I would recommend to all. Joshie 8L