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"The City and the Girl"

Drive and creativity are at the heart of the media studies department at Alexandra Park School. No one characterizes this better than Josh Barnett, former student and current media technician. Over the Easter holidays, when other staff and pupils were slumbering in their beds Josh roused a group of current and former students to take part in the 48 hour film challenge. On Saturday morning a brief was released by the organising body, Sci-Fi-London (organisers of the London Science Fiction Film Festival). Josh and his team had already been hard at work for an hour setting up kit and preparing costumes when I wandered in to school at 9am. Realising that I was unnecessary I sloped off home. Josh and his crew, Sam Redfearn, Oke Oluku, Josh Syratt, Bryn Barton, Filmon Simon, Seza Shevket (current students) and  Sian Dorman, Sam Toller, Jaimus Tailor, Chris Cheng and David Marcillo Coronaldo (former students) readied themselves to write, shoot, score, edit and create computer graphics for their film in less than two days.

The film is set in a post-apocalyptic London (thanks Chris for getting up at 5am on Sunday morning to shoot those shots!) and explores a morning in the life of a man and the young girl he finds himself responsible for. It features an amazing costume created by talented designer Sian Dorman (who we are currently lucky to have working as our technician in Design and Technology), cinematography from Sam Redfearn, computer graphics by Filmon Simon, a score written in one afternoon by Bryn Barton and sound by Josh Syratt and Oke Oluku.

It’s a delight to work with such talented and committed young people. It’s even more of a delight when you they do it all themselves, unprompted and with such dedication, enthusiasm and skill. You can view the full video below.