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Living up to their laurels

Chris, Max, Milo and Kuba (left to right) Chris, Max, Milo and Kuba (left to right)

Year 11 students Chris, Max, Milo and Kuba (left to right) have been hailed by members of the local community after their exceptional work in looking after a lady in Bounds Green who had suffered a head injury. Kuba, who recently earned first place in the London first aid challenge, and his friends were the first to respond when they saw her whilst walking home from school.

The boys administered first aid, stayed with her for over an hour, tried to get an ambulance which was delayed, went to a local GP surgery for help and eventually escorted her to hospital. Several adults stopped to offer their assistance but quickly realised that the boys had the situation under control. People who saw the incident have contacted the school to express their appreciation and praise for the boys’ actions. Thank you, gentlemen.