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Rolls Royce Science Prize – Finalists!

We were extremely proud to partake in the award ceremony for the Rolls-Royce Schools Prize for Science and Technology. Over the past 2 years Mr Marshall, Mr Adams, Ms Harrold, Ms Pearl, Mr Hammond, and Joe Hart (industry VR expert) have been introducing Virtual Reality (VR) to Y10 and Y12 students.

Our Y10 students had the opportunity to take VR headsets home in order to investigate the potential for VR to be used as a substitute for computer based remote learning. They joined Mr Marshall and Mr Adams on the surface of the moon to complete a lesson on Newton’s Laws. They also visited Antarctica with their families to learn about biological conservation in the region. The Y12 product design students used VR to help with their architectural design project. Traditionally they make small models of bus stops which meet local needs in the community. Ms Harrold and Ms Pearl led their classes through using VR to help iteratively design their bus shelters and then view them in true 1:1 scale. Being able to walk around your final design is a completely different experience to a desktop model which confers huge benefits in making improvements.

We have received £6,000 of funding from Rolls-Royce and have used this to purchase VR equipment – we hope to continue to use this equipment over the coming years. Additionally, if there is any expertise in our parent community that would like to support the continuation of this project – please get in touch with Mr Marshall.

We would like to thank Satpaul Sall, our mentor from Rolls-Royce, and Debbie Duro, who organises the competition, for their support throughout the past two years. A rich experience for students, staff, and families, and one which will hopefully shape the future of education.