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Xmas Lecture 2018

The APS Christmas lecture is an annual highlight of our science and maths specialism program. This year we had even more to celebrate as our very own Mr Nichols delivered a fascinating, insightful and entertaining talk on his other life as a shark researcher, conservationist and enthusiast. The talk was a visual spectacle including many of Mr Nichols own pictures and videos.

On the evening in addition to the talk we had some beautiful music from the APS chamber choir, warming refreshments organised by APSA and I must thank the student operators of the our helium filled remote control shark and fish, the spot light operators and the dry ice handlers. Thanks too to the three hundred strong audience of all ages for the excellent questions and generally for being a brilliant audience.

I liked that the talk shared a lot of new facts and taught me a lot of things like humans are responsible for more shark deaths than humans for shark deaths, I also like how he let you touch some shark skin and handed out small shark teeth. Ben Yr 9
I think the shark talk was very informative and that Mr Nicholls is very lucky to have had such amazing experiences... I would love to learn more about Sharks around the world and hope there will be another shark talk soon...Anna Bauss Yr 8
lecture 1
I liked the shark talk because it was interesting. I love animals and anything about animals so it was a treat to learn about the animal I had no idea about.Eva Yr 9
 lecture 2
What I like about Mr Nicholls shark talk is that in every talk he always adds something new so I never stop going to his talks. The choir was also very nice and a great way to start the talk. Lucila Yr 9