Departments will:

  • Ensure parents / students and Sixth Form staff are informed of deadlines as early as possible in the Autumn Term. Deadlines should also be published on the school website (subject and sixth form pages).
  • Adhere to the internal final deadline for coursework - Friday 23rd March. Departments can set final deadlines earlier in the academic year but none can be later than this for A level courses. (This does not apply to BTEC courses).
  • Stagger deadlines to ensure large pieces of coursework are broken down with interim deadlines used to ensure students do not fall too far behind.
  • Identify students likely to miss deadlines at an early stage. This information should be passed to Tutors and the Sixth Form Office as soon as possible.

Determine and follow clear Department procedures for coursework and missed deadlines. Parents / carers must be informed of concerns and there should be evidence of this (e.g. letters home, signatures from parents to confirm aware of deadlines and consequences, referral to Sixth Form Staff at an early stage – not just SIMS logs).

Sixth Form Staff will:

  • Assist with the publishing of deadlines where possible.
  • Check deadlines across subjects to help ensure all aware of requirements and possible clashes.
  • Help identify students likely to cause concern.
  • Provide exemplar materials for Departmental procedures.
  • Provide support for Departments in dealing with students causing concern.
    • In the first instance this will be provided by Tutors.
    • Students who continue to cause concern should be referred to the DoS who will consider appropriate action. Sanctions will include use of free lessons to complete coursework, required attendance to DoS afterschool sessions, possible use of enrichment time (for Y13s).

Take and communicate final decisions regarding students who fail to complete coursework.