A2 Results

Exam Results - GCSE

This was the first summer where students began sitting the new style, more rigourous examinations in GCSE English and Maths.  These new awards contain far more content at a higher level and their assessment is entirely by written examination, with no practical or coursework element.  We are delighted that our students rose to the challenge, with 85% achieving at least a Grade 4 in English and Mathematics.



Ofsted last visited the school in November 2011.  The school was graded as 'Outstanding' in 24 of the 27 inspection indicators including attainment, achievement, progress, enjoyment, safety, leadership, curriculum, governance, partnerships, community and pastoral care.


Exam Results

At Alexandra Park School, our students' examination performance consistently ranks amongst the best in the country at both GCSE and A level.  We are proud to be a truly comprehensive school at which students of all abilities achieve exceptional results.

Below you will find a summary of our students' results in 2017, for both GCSE and A-Level.