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What is the Alexandra Park School Association? (APSA)

The Alexandra Park School Association represents all parents/carers in the school and all parents/carers and staff are automatic members of APSA.

We are a registered charity (No. 1093561) and have a constitution, which you can view here.

APSA is run by a small committee of parents/carers drawn from across the school.  We welcome new volunteers.  This year, Kim Walsh is standing down as chairperson after three years hard labour.  She has been a brilliant leader of the committee and raised lots of money for the school during her time as Chair.  Thank you, Kim!  You will be missed!  We are also saying Goodbye to Kate Girling, Madeleine Hancock and Laura Hooke - committee members for many years - all three have made tremendous contributions to APSA events and so 'Thank you' to them too.

How you could get involved

We are delighted to welcome 4 new members to the committee - Jess Dolan, Malti Stevens, Nic McCarthy and Astrid Griffiths.  Their help has already been invaluable and it is great to get some fresh ideas and energy.

We are always looking for help - either in the run-up and preparation for an event or on the day / night itself.  Even if you can help with one thing in the year, it would make a difference.  You don't have to be available for everything.

If you would like to help and / or get involved please email Laura at lforresthay@gmail.com or Jennifer Grigg on jenlydialondon@hotmail.com.

Our main activity is fundraising on behalf of the school and last year we raised about £8,000 which went towards school activities.

APS Midsummer Fest - 26th June 2015

The APS Midsummer Fest, was a very enjoyable evening on the 26th June. It was well-attended and raised over £3600 for the school. Music was provided by the students displaying some impressive talent. Thanks to Ms Stephens and the music department for this and to Mr Ness and Ms Chadwick for returning to the school to judge the talent show. Thanks also to Mr Short and the SLT for helping the evening to run smoothly. Ms Cannon and 7P, Ms Gold and 7A ran games stalls. The local scout group ran a fantastic BBQ and candyfloss stall and over 40 parents volunteered to help APSA. Overall, it was a wonderful community event which showed the school in the very best light on a warm Summer's evening.

International Evening - 6th March 2015

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A great atmosphere in the main hall on this night with lots of different countries and cultures being celebrated. There were some fantastic performances from the students including the year 7 choir, conducted by Ms Rodgers, the APS drummers and some great dancers and singers from the school. Many thanks to Ms Stephens and the Music Dept for co-ordinating this. There was some delicious food brought in by parents and plenty to go round. We hope to make this even bigger next year and involve more students and their parents/carers as it is a wonderful chance to all get together and celebrate our diversity. Profit on the night was £724.88.

Table Quiz - March 20th 2015

This night was great fun and big thanks to the excellent new team of quizmasters led by Alison Archer and Alison Clarke. The quiz was pretty difficult, most agreed, but there were lots of fun rounds to break up the challenging general knowledge questions. The bar was well attended (!)

92 people came in total and we made a profit of £759.63 for the school. We could have done with more people coming so hopefully next year will be better attended and raise even more money.

Christmas Fair Dec 6th 2014

The Christmas Fair was a very special evening, with a lovely atmosphere.  Lots of people attended and enjoyed the stalls, music, mulled wine and food.  We raised £1,152.  Thank you to everybody who helped, including Mr. Short, Ms. Newell, Mr. Pollard, Ms. Rodgers and the rest of the music department for the beautiful music from the year 7 choir, Katie Lang from Haringey Music Service for the excellent brass band put together especially for the night, Frank Goodman and the site team for helping to decorate the hall (and clear up!) and to all the volunteers who donated time and effort to the event.  Thanks to Tatlers for the raffle prize they donated - an iPad Air.  It was impressive to see the amount of students involved on the night - all raising money for their chosen charities, helped by their year leaders.

Outside, the Christmas trees were doing great business with 88 sold - more than ever - raising a fantastic £880 for the school.  Thank you to Mr. Hook and Mr. Felfeli for helping with the trees.  We have had brilliant feedback about these from parents.

APSA are pleased to be funding

New Lockers!
APSA are pleased to announce that we are funding new lockers for the school.  All the old stock will be replaced and 100 extra lockers provided.  The hope is that they will be installed over the half-term holiday in February.  They cost £13,723.
Trip to Shakespeare's Globe for all of the new year 7s in the Autumn.
This is the first school trip to the Globe for APS students and is funded in conjunction with the English department.  Our financial assistance will hopefully ensure that all students are able to take up this brilliant opportunity.
The Library's BookBuzz scheme
The Bookbuzz scheme ensures that all year 7 children have a book to keep and, through the school book swap, each student can acquire the beginnings of a library at home.
Photobooth for Year 11 prom this July
The students will not have to pay for the photographs and we hope it will give them a lovely memento of the evening and provide some fun on the night.