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Spring chickens are hatching at APS

Susanne De Sena from year 12 writes...

After winning the Jack Petchey award, I decided to use the money given to us by the Jack Petchey foundation to fund a chicken project with the students at APS.  The project I chose was to incubate ten fertilised chicken eggs and I looked after the chicks for two weeks with the help of a group of animal lovers from key stage 3 and key stage 4.

After incubation, 8 of the eggs hatched perfectly healthily but one sadly died.  The other chick had to be removed from its shell by the talented technician, Mr. Davies and Ms. David, honorary midwifes, after some traumatic first moments of life.  We named him Rocky and he is now healthy and well integrated with the other chicks.

It was a very rewarding experience; bringing and looking after fluffy, chirping new life and seing how much joy it brought to the younger students, teachers and other people who wanted to see and hold the young chicks.

It was a great experience.  Thank you to the Jack Petchey foundation.

The entire hatching process was filmed over the course of a couple of days, and has been edited / condensed by our media technician Sam Redfearn.  Watch the hatching below.



Physics in Action day

23 Year 12 Physics students attended a Physics in Action Day at UCL.  This day consisted of a series of talks from experts in their field of research.  Our students heard from the science writer and broadcaster Simon Singh talking about the Big Bang, Andrew Steel from Cancer Research demonstrating the fascinating world of superconductivity, Lewis Darnel explaining how we could rebuild our world from scratch after an apocalypse.  After a short session on revision strategies and exam technique, Jen Gupta delivered a fascinating talk on the invisible universe and the final talk of the day was given by the wonderful Dr. Mark Lewney, who used the power of heavy metal rock music to explain the weird and wonderful world of string theory.  The students had a fantastic time and here are a selection of photographs and comments from our students.

The day was jam packed with a fantastic selection of talks on a variety of interesting topics. I found each speaker to be engaging and informative in their own right, delivering wonderful, cohesive explanations on equally thrilling subjects - rarely failing to elaborate on a particularly intriguing aspect of their talk.Tomasz  Mistela
The day held a range of interesting and intellectually extending talks about fields of physics that appear to be the solutions to the problems of the present and future. It provided an insight into the careers available to us as young physicists and has inspired me among many others to further research and pursue cutting edge areas of physics.George Burgess
The talks were very interesting and inspiring, they gave us better insight into physics beyond our textbooks.”Maya Vahidi & Mehmet  Avcil
I really enjoyed the trip and especially the talk about superconductors. I liked finding out how the maglev trains worked.Ava Mitchell
This was a very interesting trip to UCL. The man at the end was completely insane and that was pretty sweet!James Finn

Year 12 masterclass at Highgate

Five year 12 physics students have been selected to take part in National Space Academy at Highgate School.  Maya Vahidi, Khaled Saker, Philip Ilono, Raphaella Ridley and Alex Karayinnis took part in a series of workshops covering a range of space topics from 'The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence' through to 'How to Become an Astronaut!'  Here are a selection of comments from our students.

During our day at Highgate School we took part in a series of workshops and lessons which were all astronomy-based. My favourite thing that we learned about was how satellites and rockets were adapted to be able to re-enter our atmosphere. As well as this, we got to engage with other pupils with similar interests and overall, provided for an amazing day.Raphaella Ridley
At first, we were allowed to explore the room as there were pieces of meteorites and a fragment of the moon located around the room with small descriptions of how they got to the Earth and what they are. We then given a quiz about the outcome of certain physics scenarios and experiments in the space station. After that, there was a talk and video demonstrations about how astronauts live in space. To finish off, we made paper rockets that were launched into the air.
It was enjoyable because I learnt about how dangerous space could be and that it is very life threatening to go up into space and come back down. Launching the rockets was also good as they travelled very quickly and high in the air.  Thank you for a great opportunity.Philip Ilono

British Science Week 2017

British Science Week is being celebrated, as it is every year at APS, with a wide variety of activities, experiments and talks, taking place during and after school during the week from Monday 13th through to Friday 17th March.

From using chemistry to make ice cream and dry ice experiments, through to Mr. Nicholl's reverred annual shark talk, there is something for everyone.  Take a look at the activities below and get involved!

MON LUNCH Minibeasts Testing the effects of caffeine and alcohol on water fleas! Mr. Hill S10 KS3 First 25 students
Erasmus project Erasmus fusion students prepare for Poland trip! Mr. Hammond & Mr. Marshall S7 10,11,12
Ice Cream Making Can we use Chemistry to make Ice Cream!? – come and find out Ms. Anjorin S20 Y7&8 - First 25 students lining up quietly.
Exploring the Night Sky Demonstrating and using Stellarium to find out about the wonders of space! Mr. Allen S5 First 25 - All pupils welcome
APS fruit drop Using falling fruit to find the acceleration due to Earth’s gravity Mr. Marshall & Mr. Oaks S17 All Y12 and Y13 pupils
TUE LUNCH Physics Olympiad Challenging physics problem solving! Mr. Head S8 Y11
Lunchtime lecture "Help! My nose is killing me!" Rhinos and their perilous plight. Mr. Groom LIBARY All welcome
Chemistry Special Making Esters, Creating a Chemical garden and Rainbow titration! Mr. Johnson & Ms. Anjorin S15 KS3
Alkaseltza Rocket Investigate how to make the best Alka-Seltzer rocket! Mr. Rae S5 KS3 – first 20 students to sign up – see JRA in S13 to sign up
Introduction to electronics Build an astable and a monostable circuit using a 555 timing chip! Mr. Head S8 Maximum 15 students – please sign up with Mr. Head in S08
Biology Olympiad Biology challenge – how much do you know!? Ms. Wilkinson S22 Y9 top set and Y10 triples will do in lesson time – any other Y9&Y10s interested this is your opportunity.
WED LUNCH Poster Competition Get creative and enter the British Science Association’s annual poster competition, on the theme of change! Ms. Salah & Mr. Lyons S7 Y7&8
Charlie Maunder Demonstrations Reactions with group 1 metals – and other exciting chemistry. Charlie Maunder & Mr. Hammond S8 All Pupils welcome
80 Degrees Below Dry ice demonstrations, activities and experiments! Ms. David S10 Y7/8 - first 30 to line up quietly
Investigating owls Using owl pellets and your detective skills to deduce the lifestyle of these nocturnal creatures Mr. Oaks S12 KS3 - first 30 to line up quietly
THUR LUNCH Cloaking devices and Quantum computing Demonstrating how optics are used to solve real world problems! Dr. Alex Clark – Imperial college London LIBARY All
Poster Competition Get creative and enter the British Science Association’s annual poster competition, on the theme of change! Ms. Salah & Mr. Lyons S7 Y7&8
Animal Man Come and meet the mammals, invertebrates and reptiles! Ms. David S10 KS3 - first 30 to line up quietly
FRI LUNCH Lunchtime lecture 16th annual APS shark lecture; Do great whites visit the UK!? Mr. Nicholls 101 Lunchtime All Pupils welcome

Download the full programme

More information on the British Science Association website