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GCSE Science Live!

Inspiration from World Class Scientists at GCSE Science Live!

Some of the best British scientists from all fields demonstrated the wonders of the universe in a series of seminars at the GCSE Science Live! event this term.  We were lucky enough to have 35 year 10 science students participate and learn about cutting edge embryology from Professor Lord Robert Winston as well as explore the possibilities of worm holes from BBC4 presenter and eminent physicist Professor Jim Al-Khalil.  All students were inspired by the presentations, shich also included some top exam advice from a senior examiner.  Indeed, Jade from 10R said

It was great! Very informative.  I learnt a lot about what I should and shouldn't write and do in my Science exams.

  Abby, also from 10R, added

I enjoyed the physics talk about worm holes and space.  It was a great experience and I'm glad I went.

A truly inspiring day for our future science leaders!

Other students commented...

Fun and informative. Gotta love Trilobites.Temmuz, 10R
I really enjoyed Robert Winston’s talk on fertility. It was extremely inspirational and his passion for his field of work was contagious.Maya, 10S
I really enjoyed the talk about time travel. I did not realise it was even a possibility and it was very excitingAthena, 10S
The experience was sensationalDiyar, 10k
I enjoyed hearing other people’s view points on the topics addressed and seeing how people think about things in a different way to how I doValerie, 10S
I had a lot of fun on the trip. I also enjoyed thinking about space and time travel.Jade, 10R
I learnt a lot of mildly upsetting facts about the female reproduction processSaskia, 10k
I never knew that trilobites were so important to finding out the structure of our planetAran, 10S
I learnt a lot about how IVF was created and it was very interesting.Giulia Lo Iacono 10x
I learnt a lot about space travel and space exploration programmes that I didn’t know even existedHollen, 10X
I found it very interesting. I was especially intrigued by the theoretical concepts of time travel and found Dr. Robert Winston very entertaining.Jim, 10L
I enjoyed the trip quite a lot with most of the speakers being very intriguing and teaching me new things or things I did know in greater detail for example, space travel and the actual journey of the sex cells. What really added to the trip was the location we were in, the theatre was quite grand and the seats were very comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.Christopher, 10E
The trip was very informative and interesting. I especially enjoyed the presentation about space travel and the IVF process.Alicem, 10E
The trip was extremely informative. I especially enjoyed Robert Winston’s talk on genetic diseases and Jim al-Khalili’s discussion of whether time travel is possible.Anas, 10X

British Science Week 2016

science week logo

British Science Week 2016 Mon 14th March - Mon 21st March



Event Title

Event Description

Time & Place

Year groups invited



Chemistry Special

Creating a Chemical garden and Rainbow titration

S15 lunchtime


Mechanics Workshop

Analysing the mechanics of a ski jump and a roller coaster

S08 lunchtime

Y12 & Y13 mechanics

Y11 physics Olympiad 


Alkaseltza Rocket

Investigate how to make the best Alkaseltza rocket

S5 after school

KS3 - first 20 students to sign up
See Mr. Rae in S05


Caffeine-water flea experiment or creepy microscopy

S08 after school


80 Degrees Below

Dry ice demonstrations, activities and experiments

S10 after school

Y7 & Y8



Biology Challenge

SF2 after school

See Ms. Wilkinson in S22

Chemistry Special

Chemical garden and Rainbow titration

S15 lunchtime


Ice Cream Making

Can we use Chemistry to make Ice Cream? - come and find out

S20 after school

KS3 (first 25 students)


Exploring the Night Sky

demonstrating Stellarium and how it can be used to find out about space

S17 after school

All pupils

Paper Rockets

Making and launching paper rockets

S12 after school



Biology challenge

SF2 after school

See Ms. Wilkinson in S22

Animal Fair

David Woricker is coming in with a selection of animals to enthuse KS3 students

S10 after school



Charlie Maunder Demonstration

Year 7 student demonstrates some chemical reactions

S08 lunchtime

All pupils


Dr. Andrew Szydlo - Chemistry Show

Demo-packed show for selected Y9s in P5 and after school session open to all KS3

Main hall 4pm - 5pm



Lunchtime Lectures in the library

Tuesday 15th March - Rhino Talk with Mr. Groom


Wednesday 16th March - Optics talk with Dr. Alex Clark from Imperial College, London


Thursday 17th March - the 15th annual Shark talk by Mr. Nicholls in SF2


Friday 18th March - Table Quiz with Mr. Duffy for years 7 - 11


APS students watch Tim Peak lift off into space

Tim Peak's historic launch into space to join the International Space Station was watched live in a number of locations around the school.  Hundred's of APS students gathered to watch the launch of Tim Peake aboard the Soyuz Rocket blast off into space. Tim and the other astronauts will spend 6 months aboard the International Space Station conducting a range of experiments some of which were designed by school children.  All of us here at APS wish Tim and his colleagues a successful mission.