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Y7 trips to Tate Gallery

7X and 7L to Tate Gallery

  • Date:  -
  • Venue: Tate Gallery, London
  • Tuesday 19th June - 7X & 7L
  • Wednesday 20th June - 7A & 7E
  • Thursday 21st June - 7P & 7R
  • Friday 22nd June - 7K & 7S

Year 8 Artist in Residence

This month a small group of our year 8 students were selected to take part in a special Artist in Residence workshop led by Ceramic artist, Ricky Grimes. 

During the workshop, students learned how to sculpt with clay and explore a variety of different techniques to build different types of sculpture based on their current project ‘My London’.

The students mind-mapped a broad range of ideas from environmental to social issues within London and created some fantastic final outcomes. 

I would like to say a big thank you to Ricky Grimes for his time and expertise with our students and to the year 8 students for their time and hard work.

Ms Bent