Key Information

Key Information (January 2017)

Alexandra Park School became a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) at the beginning of January 2017.  MATs are state-funded organisations that are responsible for running one or more schools.  The name of the MAT is the New River Trust (NRT).  The NRT MAT is responsible, currently for running one school, Alexandra Park School.  MATs are directly accountable to the department for Education (DfE), with whom they have a Funding Agreement.

The governance structure for the NRT includes the ‘Members’ (the NRT has a total of 4) and the ‘Board of Trustees’ (up to a total of 10 at the NRT).  The Members and Board of Trustees must ensure that they are compliant at all times with their Articles of Association.  The Articles of Association are agreed between the Mat and the DfE.  The Articles of Association for the NRT, which are based on the DfE Model Articles, are available here.

What do members of the NRT do?

The members of a MAT are responsible for making sure that the MAT acts within its constitutional powers.  They have the right to amend the Articles of Association and they are responsible for agreeing appointments to the Board of Trustees.  The members of the NRT, with effect from 31st January 2017, are as listed below.  Brief CVs of the Members are available here.

Sheila Daley, Steph Gold, Rachel Wells (who is also the Chair of the Board of Trustees) and Gloria Wyse.

What does a Board of Trustees do?

The NRT board of Trustees is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Trust, holding the Chief Executive of the Trust to account and for ensuring the MAT's financial probity.  Academy Trusts are also charitable companies and the Trustees are company directors and must comply with company law requirements.  The terms of reference for the Board of Trustees, including a detailed list of their duties, are available here.

THE NRT Members have appointed all of the current NRT Trustees, whose names are listed below.  All trustees, other than the Chief Executive (who remains a Trustee until such time as they are no longer employed by the NRT) have been appointed for a period of 2 years with effect from 1st January 2017.  Brief biographical details of the Trustees are available here.

Jackie Beer, Steph Gold, Lindsay Pinnick, Michael McKenzie (Chief Executive), Jamie Scott, Rachel Wells (Chair of the Board of Trustees)

The board of Trustees has created a sub-committee, the Resources Committee, that retains strategic oversight and monitors estates and finance matters on its behalf.  The Resources Committee is responsible for recommending the NRT's annual budget for adoption by the Board of Trustees and for recommending the annual financial statements for approval by the Board of Trustees and review by the Members.

The current Members of the Resources Committee are:

  • Michael McKenzie (Trustee and Chief Executive)
  • Karin Harrison (Local Governor)
  • Jamie Scott (Trustee)
  • Nigel Scott (Local Governor)
  • Rachel Wells (Chair of the Board of Trustees)

Alexandra Park School has a Local Governing Body (up to a total of 11 people).  The LGB includes elected Parent Governors and Elected Staff Governors.  The Headteacher of the Alexandra Park School is a member of the LGB.

What does the Local Governing Body do?

The LGB provides focused governance for the NRT at a local level, i.e. for Alexandra Park School.  It monitors Alexandra Park School's key performance indicators and acts as a critical friend to the Headteacher, providing challenge where appropriate.  Local Governors also act as ambassadors for the school.  The terms of reference of the Local Governing Body are available here.  The current Local Governors are shown below.  Appointed Governors (A) are appointed by the Board of Directors.

Jason Butler (Elected Teaching Staff Governor); Sean Burke (A); Andrea Callender (A), Libby Goldby (A), Leila Hamlin (Elected Support Staff Governor), Karin Harrison (Elected Parent Governor), Lynwen Jones (Elected Parent Governor), Michael McKenzie (Headteacher of Alexandra Park School and Chief Executive of the New River Trust), Lindsay Pinnick (Trustee and Chair of the LGB) (A), Nigel Scott (A).  Brief biographical details of the Local Governors are available here.

Trustees and Local Governors must complete annually a Register of Interests. The Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Third Party Transactions and the Register of Interests for 2016-2017 are attached here.

The Clerk to the Board of Trustees is Siobhan Lanigan.  Any communications to the Chair of the Board of Trustees, or any questions about governance, should be addressed to Siobhan in the first instance.  She can be contacted on

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